the blackbook "why"

Welcome! After months (four to be exact) of putting together the blackbook library of:

1. financial management tips

2. software & process development tutorials

3. lists (we love lists)

4. pictures of our favorite chic office supplies (we love office supplies, too)

5. surprises & giveaways!!

6. important reminders (we all need them)

and other random posts, I thought the best way to launch this part of our site is with the why.

Why was blackbook created? The answer is fairly simple:

blackbook is my attempt to make the financial management process easier for business owners and individuals. oh, and make it more fun! (yes, you read that right).

the blackbook promise is created on a foundation of supporting, educating, and empowering those that trust in us to make "the why" happen for their business processes or individual finances.

We hope you will join us in this journey and follow along, give your input, send us your questions (we want to hear from you!), and I promise you'll see something that will change your way of thinking about accounting, bookkeeping, financial organization and other boring tasks no one wants to do. It's not as bad as you think...or were taught.